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About Amy Weaver - San Francisco Interior Designer


About Amy Weaver Design

Amy Weaver Design is a boutique interior design firm located in San Francisco.

Amy Weaver Designs are “elegant.”
Amy Weaver Designs are “personal and fun.”
Amy Weaver Designs are “timeless.”
Amy Weaver Designs are “classic.”
Amy Weaver Designs are “comfortable.”

 Amy Weaver designs timeless interiors that reflect our client’s lifestyle and needs. We have been recognized for our eclectic mix of found and newly designed pieces as well as making both a formal space inviting and a casual space practical. Our firm works on all scales of projects but specializes in older homes that want an updated look while holding true to the historical integrity of the home.


Our design team collectively holds years of experience and a creative vision for design. Our team is passionate about our relationships with our clients and making their visions come to life. We excel at collaborating on projects with architects, contractors and other important resources and are respectful of their valuable expertise.


With more than 20 years of experience Amy Weaver designs elegant interiors for her clients. As fashion executive (in a previous life) Amy developed an extensive knowledge and passion for textiles. This is evident in the tasteful, inspiring designs that she is well known for.


Currently, the San Francisco Amy Weaver Design office is also involved in projects on the East Coast and Southern California, in addtion to many projects in Northern California.